Water Methanol Injection System

Here are some pictures of my Water/Methanol Injection System.  Based on a Devils Own system, but triggered by boost and Throttle Position Sensor.  A 0.75Gal/hour nozzle sprays at 12psi and then the 3.0Gal/hour cuts in at 1.6v TPS using a 50/50 mix of distilled water and methanol.  Water/Meth injection increases power by around 15%, reduces peak combustion temperatures and NOx emissions, lowers EGT's by about 50DegC and cleans the intake system and combustion chambers.









Throttle Body
Nozzle Fitting
Pump Mounting
Tank Mount Location

Solenoid Mounting Location

Nozzles & Check Valves
Tube Routing
Water/Meth Injection