At Kolay Hut
Sand Driving At Peake
Sand Driving At Peake
In The Bunkers Ranges

3.0Di Turbo Diesel 4 Speed Auto
Safari Dtronic & In Cab Adjustable Fuel Control
Water/Methanol Injection
3" Stainless Steel Custom Exhaust System
2 Stage Dawes TDi Manual Boost Control System
Crosscountry4X4 Intercooler & Fan
Trans-Go Shift Kit & 1K Ohm Dropping Resistor
Manual Converter Lockup System
Front Auto-Locking Diff & Manual Hubs
Front & Rear Steel Bars With T-Max 9500lb Winch
PIAA Headlights, Foglights & HID IPF Driving Lights.
Nissan Snorkel & Towbar
Suspension Stuff 2" HD Ultra Flexy Coils & 30mm Poly Spacers
ATOC Re-enforced Rear Coil Towers
3" Tough Dog 45mm Big Bore Adjustable Shocks
3 Degree Superior Superflex Radius Arms
3rds Production Adjustable Panard Rods
3rds Lower Rear Control Arms & Adjustable Upper Arms
Superior Solid Chrome Molly Drag Link & Tie Rod
Full Length Rhino Roof Cage & Bag
Milford Cargo Barrier, Waeco 70L Fridge
Duel Battery System With 800 Watt Invertor
Simoco SRM9022 80CH 25Watt UHF & Codan 100Watt HF Radios
Kelly Safari TSR 285/75 Tyres

Camels At Batton Hill
Driving The Hay River Bed
The Simpson Desert
Heading Up Big Red

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Water/Methanol Injection System

Full 3" Stainless Steel Exhaust/4" 100cpsi Metalic Cat
Delphi Sedimenter & Walbro Lift Pump
In Car PC & Monitor.
Custom Interior Floor, Drawer & Rear Power Outlets
Manual Converter Lockup Switch
Gauge Pod & Manual Boost Control
Portable Battery Box
Intercooler, Fan & ProVent Air/Oil Separator


At The Gawler Ranges
SkyTrek Flinders Ranges
The Rear View
Crossing The Cattaburra
Climbing SkyTrek
Leaving The Bunkers Block
Camping At The Bunkers
On Mt Caernarvon
On Goodwood Tram Overpass
At The Devils Marbles
At 2000rpm
Leaving The Bunkers Block
Guiding The Way
Over The Top
Along The Dunes
Not So Flat

7" LCD Screen

From The Drivers Seat
Interior View
Fuel Mixture Control